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my work.

I did it all: the art direction, styling, photography, etc.

White Label
Art Supplies

Branding and packaging design for an original art store. White Label is an art supplier which places an emphasis on the customer experience, encouraging them to test everything before they buy.

19 For Men
Hair Products

Original brand and packaging for a line of hair products designed for men. Each product is based on a decade in which they were popular.

Amy Title Sequence

An experimental title sequence for the 2015 film "Amy" which follows the life and career of the late Amy Winehouse.
Awarded Gold in the Graphis New Talent Competition 2017.

Lost & Found

A five-spread high fashion editorial following an original story of a girl who lives in the room of lost & found.
Awarded Silver in the Graphis New Talent Competition 2017.

Letterman's Sports Bar

A menu rebrand of the restaurant Letterman's Sports Bar in State College, PA. The branding redefines the typical "Sports Bar" by placing an emphasis on female athletes.

Slush App Design

An app that serves as a virtual slush fund for roommates, friends, or co-workers. Designed and animated in collaboration with Maddy Beard.

Paper Sample

A paper sample pack for the fictional "Striking Paper Co." featuring famous historical insults (or burns) interpreted through typography. Designed in collaboration with May Ayad, Kelsey Stark & Jesse Small.

Chanel Internship Video

A short video showcasing my summer internship experience as a Print Design Intern at the iconic House of Chanel.

The Bad Type

Branding & collateral designed by the Penn State Graphic Design Class of 2017 to promote our internship show, "The Bad Type: Designers on Tour." I was a part of the print team which was responsible for the pictured work.

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Logo designs for the 2016 Penn State Homecoming celebration, the 2016 Movin' On Music Festival, and the 2016 Penn State Dance Marathon.

Massacre Merlot

A self-promotional wine bottle that was created to send out to clients for Valentine's Day. Rather than making the piece about love, I decided to base it on a historic event. Who needs love when they work with the greatest clients in the world?

Boring = bad.

Thank you for checking out my work! I'm a design student at the incredibly cold Penn State University who has dreamt of being a pop star, fashion photographer, and the commentator for women's gymnastics at the Olympics. While those all sound great, none of them can best my love for graphic design.

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All design, photography, illustration, art direction, set design & styling is my own, unless otherwise stated.